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curriculum mapping6.8 Curriculum mapping


B064 - Creative Use of ICT - Controlled Assessment                                                                       

2.4.5 Evaluation


Subject Content

3.2.5 Word processing, dtp, web design and other presentation software       

Unit 2 Controlled Assessment : Assignment : Applying ICT

Self evaluation          


Edexcel Unit 2 – Using Digital Tools

Topic 4 – Evaluating Outcomes

2.4.1 Review outcomes
2.4.3 Self-review

Topic 5 – Working efficiently and safely

2.5.3 Quality assure what they produce

Edexcel Unit 4 – Creating Digital Products

Topic 7 – Evaluating Outcomes  

4.7.1 Review outcomes

Topic 8 - Working Efficiently and Safely

4.8.3 Quality assure what they produce

OCR Cambridge Nationals

R006 : Creating Digital Images

LO3: be able to store, retrieve and present digital images

OCR National Certificate in Information Technology

Unit 21 : Creating Computer Graphics

AO6- Present work to a client for a specific purpose, using a format suitable for display

Present work in a suitable format, eg:

For web image presentation consider:

Key stage 3 programme of study for ICT

Range and content
3c use and review of the effectiveness of different ICT tools, including a range of software applications, in terms of meeting user needs and solving problems
Curriculum opportunities
4d apply ICT to real-world situations when solving problems and carrying out a range of tasks and enquiries

The Framework for ICT

3.2 Refining and presenting information

Functional skills : Level 1 functional skill standard

Develop, present and communicate information

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