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assignmentModel assignment : Task 3

Create a navigation bar

What you must do

Read through the scenario again carefully. Follow your plan from Task 2 and create your navigation bar using Serif DrawPlus or PhotoPlus, taking into consideration fitness for purpose and audience as outlined by the brief. For higher grades your navigation bar should use drop down boxes or expanding/collapsing menus.

The navigation bar should combine both graphics and text. It must use colours effectively and be suitable for the purpose and audience.

Consider the following:

You do not need to create a navigation bar that gives access to a large number of pages, it should just give an impression of what could be possible if the navigation bar was extended to be used on a full website. There is no need to produce any hyperlinks. For higher grades an expanding/collapsing navigation bar should be produced.

Export these graphics as .gif, .jpg or .swf files and save a copy to your Evidence folder.

Take screenshots of your navigation bar as evidence, and annotate these to show how it is fit for purpose and audience. Save these screenshots into your Evidence folder.

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