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assignmentModel assignment : Task 5

Create an advertising banner

What you must do

Read through the scenario carefully. Refer to your storyboard and plan from Task 2 and create an advertising banner for the Smoothie World website using Serif DrawPlus or PhotoPlus, taking into consideration fitness for purpose and audience as outlined by the assignment brief.

The advertising banner should be designed to promote one of the new ranges of smoothies. You can choose from: high-energy smoothies, detox smoothies or vitamin-rich smoothies.

Consider the following:

You should aim to create a simple animated banner with at least three frames. It should combine both text and graphics. The banner should have some level of interaction such as a rollover effect or a start/stop button.

Export a copy of your optimized banner advert into your Evidence folder.

Use annotated screenshots to explain how the advert is fit for its intended purpose and audience, how suitable is it? In this document you should also explain whether your banner will hyperlink to a page within your website or to an external site. Show how you have tried several different export options to optimize the file to the most appropriate settings. Save these into your Evidence folder.

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