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factfile1.14 Digital Media and the Internet

Internet access

The number of people who can access the internet is still growing. According to the Office for
National Statistics
, in 2011 nearly 19 million households in the UK had access to the internet, that's 77% of all households, up from 73% in 2010.

iphone mobile webOf those households with access to the internet, 93% had a fast broadband connection and so can easily access digital media such as online video.

Mobile internet use is also increasing. In 2009 only 33% of all 16-24 year olds used their mobile phones to access the internet. In 2011 this had risen to 77%. Overall 17million people used their mobile phones to access the internet in 2011, double the figure in 2009.

Many websites, such as the BBC, have a mobile version of their website with a different design to make them work better on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablet computers.

Websites and multimedia

Websites are becoming increasingly used to deliver multimedia content to a global audience. Sites such as YouTube have made their name by being able to show short video clips to visitors all over the world via the internet. You can even watch television over the internet via sites such as BBC iPlayer or 4OD.

A website usually contains images and text but they can also contain sound and video. Internet advertising often now uses Flash animations or movies to catch the reader's attention.

DID YOU KNOW? : On average, in a single minute over 35 hours of video is being added to YouTube. Over 6 billion photographs are uploaded to Facebook every month!

Online shopping

Online stores contain multimedia to give customers as much information about the product they are buying. At the very least this will include images of the product, often a general view and a closeup view. Some stores also include video to show the product being used, or a gameplay video in the case of video games stores.

Online fashion stores sometimes have virtual models that wear different combinations of garments selected by shoppers to show what they look like when combined in an outfit as as the example below from the H&M website.

dressing room example : click to enlarge

Movie Trailers

Many movies advertise heavily on the internet. Often "teaser" trailers will be released up to year before the movie is released to generate "hype" about the forthcoming movie with more teasers shown as the release date gets nearer.The makers of these movies hope that the trailers will be shared on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

When a new movie is released a website will be set up to promote the movie and generate interest. This often contains a wide range of multimedia content such as trailers, photographs, audio clips and sometimes interactive games.



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