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Digital music is commonly stored on a compact disc (CD). A single CD can hold about 70 minutes of music. Games and Movies are stored on DVDs. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc. A dual-sided DVD can store 8.4 GB of data which is enough for several hours of video.

Mini SD card on a fingerThe newer Blu-Ray disc can store a massive 50GB on a single disc. This will allow High-definition movies to be stored where the picture quality is much higher. The PlayStation 3 games console uses Blu-Ray discs for its games so that it can store a lot more content on a single disc.

Portable multimedia devices such as iPads, iPods, Archos and smartphones store video and music as computer files either on a small hard drive, or on a solid-state Flash memory card. A tiny card the size of a thumbnail can hold up to 32GB of music and video; enough for around 20 full-length movies or around 8000 music tracks.

Songs can be purchased online and downloaded onto an MP3 player or smartphone without the need for CDs. In the same way some companies are starting to provide "movies on-demand" where movies can be bought or rented over the internet and delivered to a set-top box computer or tablet via an internet connection, eliminating the need to go to a store. You can buy a movie and watch it straight away.

Many of these services use Digital Rights Management (DRM) coding to protect their movies and prevent them being shared illegally. DRM is quite controversial since can prevent legitimate users from backing up or moving their purchases to a new computer.


Did You Know? Research has found that the average teenager's iPod has 600 illegal music tracks on it.


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