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Multimedia Around Us

Multimedia refers to any electronic material that contains a combination of different types of digital content – such as text, audio, photographs, artwork, animation and video. Because these media are stored digitally as electronic files either on computer hard drives, DVDs, or solid state memory cards, they are also known as digital media.

In this section you will learn about the different types of digital media and how it is being used by companies in all aspects of our everyday lives.

  1. Multimedia What is Digital Media
  2. Business Objectives
  3. Role of Multimedia
  4. Digital Media for Marketing
  5. Case Study : London Underground
  6. Digital Media for Information Delivery
  7. Multimedia Around You
  8. Finsbury Park Website
  9. Digital Media for Entertainment 1: Movies
  10. Digital Media for Entertainment 2: Computer Games
  11. Digital Media for Entertainment 3: Music
  12. Digital Media for Education
  13. Anytime, Anywhere Learning
  14. Digital Media and the Internet
  15. Looking at a Multimedia Website
  16. Multimedia Storage and Delivery
  17. Media Storage
  18. Virtual Reality
  19. Skills
  20. Resources
  21. Model Assignment
  22. Curriculum Mapping


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