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Fact file2.1 A Brief History of the Website


On August 6th 1991 the very first ‘Web Site’ was produced by Tim Berners-Lee. He further developed a number of earlier ideas such as Hypertext and HTML (hypertext markup language) and used it to link documents across a network and you could access these pages using a browser. The idea caught on and other people created their own sites, linking them to each other.

This quickly became known as the World Wide Web.

Since it was first created, the World Wide Web has grown in popularity and it now thought that there are over 110 million active websites and over 1 trillion web pages! (source)

Although initial web pages just contained text and then later simple images they soon developed to incorporate animated graphics and then sound and video.

With the development of Adobe Flash, websites quickly began to become much more interactive and multimedia-rich. Websites have moved away from just publishing content: it is now possible to use the web as a platform for doing other things such as word processing, image editing and even music editing.

old to new

In the early years many websites used as many complicated features as possible to try to impress visitors, whereas today modern website design is much more restrained. More emphasis is being placed on usability and accessibility – ensuring sites are easy to use and accessible by as many different people as possible.

Recently much has been done to get a far tighter set of web standards to ensure websites work in many different browsers. This is managed by the W3C organisation.

Archive websites like the Wayback Machine let you see what major websites looked like back in the past.

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