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Extension2.10 Activity: Evaluate Websites


Visit a website of your own choosing and take a good look at how the site is designed. This will help you when planning your own site design. Use the Critical website evaluation sheet to assist you with your site evaluation.

What is the intended audience for this site? How has the designer used features to reflect this audience? Does the site look clean and streamlined or messy and cluttered? How easy is it to read the site content?

Navigate around the site and see how the pages are linked together. How easy is it to find your way around the website? A good website should include a sitemap that shows an overview of all the pages in the site. Is it possible for you to reach most of the content within 3 clicks from the homepage?

Visit two or three other websites and look for good ideas. Take screenshots of these sites and annotate them. Make notes on the purpose and function of each website. Are there any features you particularly like? Are there features that you do not like?

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