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Fact file2.13 House styles


A good website has a clear message, and its design reflects that message. The site design includes the look and feel of the site, from the colour scheme that is used, to the font that makes up the text content. The layout of the site is also important – to make a website useable for site visitors, elements such as navigation bars and other features should remain in the same position from page to page. The file Common page layouts explains some of the general outlines that most websites follow.

It may sometimes be that the home page is like a cover page, which is different to the content pages that make up the rest of the site, but there should be many common features that link the site together as a whole.

The choice of font is important. Many websites use a clean Sans Serif font such as Arial since it is clear and easy to read. A site that is aimed at children may use a larger, more childlike font such as Comic Sans.

Many features of the site style can be defined using a separate file called a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

Science Museum

A museum website has to give a serious impression. For example the Science Museum ( uses a very simple colour scheme with each section of the site using a different colour palette. Arial font is used throughout. Hyperlinks are plain and underlined until the user places the mouse over it, when they become highlighted in the same colour as the rest of the section. The overall feel of the site is of a very serious and well-organised institution.

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