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Activity2.14 Page Plans and House Style


Carry out an Internet search for sandwich bars and restaurants and choose one website for closer inspection. Take a close look at the “house style” of the site.

colour schemesWhat colours are used? What do you think the designer is trying to say with these colours? What font has the designer used? How many different heading styles are there? What colours are basic text and the visited/unvisited hyperlinks?

Is the background a flat colour or a pattern? Where is the navigation bar located? How large is the logo? Is it in the same place on every page? What is the impression you get when you visit this site? What does the website tell you about the business?

Use the helpsheet House Style Analysis to guide you.

Draw a plan of the homepage, or take a screenshot and annotate it. Repeat for one of the main content pages. Highlight the features that stay the same between the two pages, and the features that are different. This activity will help you produce a suitable house style for your own website design

paperclipHouse Style Analysis.

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