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assignment2.15 Model Assignment: Task 2

Design a Multimedia Website

Read through the assignment brief carefully. You should make notes of any first thoughts you have. Consider carefully the target audience for the website, and how you will address all the requirements of the client. What colours will you use? How will visitors navigate the website?

1. Identify the purpose and target audience for your website by completing the table in the website planning document .

2. Next produce a site plan for the Smoothie World website to show the main structure of the site and how the pages will link together.

planYour site plan should:

The website planning document can be used to help you produce your site plan or you can produce this from scratch.

3. Produce detailed page plans for each page in the website to show the layout of different multimedia components and a description of the navigation system

4. Plan the house style for the website - to include colour scheme, fonts and styles to be used, any logos, image maps or rollover images to be used. There should be an indication of the position of different components on each page, such as logo and navigation system.

The website does not need to contain components that you have made yourself. You may use and adapt suitable components that already exist, but they should be fit for audience and purpose.


More information on the assignment can be found here.


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