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Activity2.3 Enhancing Websites with Multimedia

They say a picture tells a thousand words. A photograph will capture a reader's interest much faster than a piece of writing. A long piece of text describing something may be better replaced by a video or an audio file. If used appropriately, multimedia will enhance the experience of visitors to a website.

The key message is "appropriately": the multimedia used must be fit for the audience and purpose of the site, and it should never overwhelm – you can have too much of a good thing. What suits a particular target group may not be at all appropriate for another. Imagine a maths games site for primary age children being used for first year university students who needed to brush up their basic maths: not only would the content be inappropriate, but also the language, colours, graphics, layout and use of multimedia.

Consider these two very different versions of the same basic website for a small museum. One makes use of plain text only, while the other includes colour, enhanced text styles, images, video and audio.

comparing two website designs

Which one do you find more appealing? Which is more likely to persuade you to visit the museum in person?

Print a copy of the Comparing website designs worksheet and consider the two examples of the museum website more closely.

paperclipComparing website designs - worksheet


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