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factfile2.7 Enhancing Websites with Video


Digital video is an increasingly popular feature of websites. 35 hours of video, for example, is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Much of this content is user-generated, which means it is produced by the general internet-using public, rather than by professional broadcasters.

Oxfam websiteThe appropriate use of video can transform a wordy website that is difficult to read into a more engaging experience.

Sites for charities like Oxfam use videos to highlight the plight of people around the world and explain how Oxfam is helping them. A short three-minute film can give a visitor a far more moving introduction to their work than a page of words with a few pictures.

In fact, some charities now release their videos directly onto YouTube in order to reach as large an audience as possible and to target younger generations, often referred to as 'digital natives'.

HMV websiteVideos are important for e-commerce websites. Sites that sell computer games and DVDs such as or regularly include trailers that give the visitor a better idea of what the game/movie is about.

Other sites encourage visitors to upload their own video reviews of the products that they have bought.

Online fashion stores sometimes have virtual models that wear garments selected by shoppers to show what they look like when combined in an outfit.

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