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2. Design a Multimedia Website

Imagine a website that had no pictures and was simply a page of plain text. It would look pretty dull and uninteresting. Expectations have changed since the World Wide Web was first invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. Advances in technology since then have meant that web users have grown to expect rich graphic and multimedia content from the websites they visit.

In this section you will learn how different multimedia assets can be employed to improve the
standard of web pages.


  1. websitesA Brief History of the Website
  2. Picture This
  3. Enhancing Websites with Multimedia
  4. Audience and Purpose
  5. Enhancing Websites with Audio
  6. Evaluating Audio
  7. Enhancing Websites with Video
  8. Evaluating Video
  9. Multimedia and Accessibility
  10. Evaluating Websites
  11. Websites and Naming Conventions
  12. Produce a practice website plan
  13. House Styles
  14. Page Plans and House Styles
  15. Assignment : Smoothie World
  16. Skills
  17. Resources
  18. Curriculum Mapping


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