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Fact file3.1 Website Structure


The first step in creating a website is to set up a folder on your local hard drive to hold all the content that makes up the site. Within this folder it is good practice to use sub-folders to contain content such as images and other media. You should then keep the html page files in the root of your folder. This makes it easier to find the files when you need them.

If you haven't already, take a look at the Create a Digital Resource Bank section and create a folder in your work area called Website.

Website StructureIn the example on the right the main folder was called Website. Inside that folder are all the files that make up the website.

There are also two subfolders: one called images that contains all the graphics used in the website; and one called media that contains any sounds, videos and other multimedia files used.

Remember that file and folder names will be included in the URL for the various elements of your site, so it is important that you use appropriate names. Stick to lower case and avoid long names.

Do not put spaces in your filenames and use only letters and numbers, avoiding any symbols other than underscores.

The home page of your website should always be called index (.htm or .html)

This folder will act as a backup copy of your website when it is uploaded to the internet.

As this is a copy of your entire website, it is a good idea to back this up periodically onto a USB memory stick or burn it to CD.


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