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Extension3.12 Optimising Files


Use a digital camera to take a photograph or download a large photograph from a photo sharing website such as

Open it in a graphics program such as Serif PhotoPlus.

Serif PhotoPlus has an Export Optimiser option that lets you set the compression and file settings for your image prior to exporting. You can view four different versions at a time.

For each window you can choose a different file format and image quality setting. In the example below you can see the original 100% JPEG is 366.96Kb. A 75% quality JPEG is only 107.6Kb. The GIF is over twice as big as the largest JPEG at 771Kb!

How to optimise an image

View your image in the Export Optimiser. Save the photo that you opened in PhotoPlus with at least four different JPEG quality settings as evidence.:

Visit a commercial website such as Investigate when they have used GIF images and when a JPEG was more appropriate.

You can investigate each image by clicking on it with the right mouse button and selecting Properties. Make a note of the file extension. Print the home page and annotate.

paperclipOptimising for Websites

paperclipHow to optimise in PhotoPlus

paperclipHow to optimise in DrawPlus

Video Export and optimise in PhotoPlus : demo : training

Video Export and optimise in DrawPlus: demo : training


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