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Fact file3.4 House Styles and Master Pages


When designing web pages it is good practice to base all your pages on the same template so that all the basic features that you want to appear on every page in your website will be in exactly the same place. This will include the logo, navigational bars, page footers etc.

In Serif WebPlus this is called a Master Page. Every page based on the Master Page would include all those features plus the unique page content. All changes to the template, such as changing the logo, will affect every page based on that master page, eliminating the need to edit every single page in the website separately, which would be a very time consuming process. This is not the same as using a ready-made commercial template: with WebPlus Master Pages you can create your own original template for your site.

House Style ExampleHowever, WebPlus also offers users a library of ready-made site template designs for different purposes that can be used with or without modification for convenience. Browsing through these will help you decide on features and styles that you might like to incorporate in or exclude from your own design.
The house style defines the separate components of the template, such as the colour scheme, size of body text, headers, the colour of hyperlinks etc. Your content can then be flagged as header, or body text etc. In software such as Serif WebPlus you can set all these styles within the page template using the Text Style Palette.

The advantage of dealing with text in this way is that if your client decides that they would prefer a different font or colour for the body text, you can make the change in the Style Palette and every piece of text that is flagged as body text will be changed instantly. This is much more efficient than having to change each page individually.

Sometimes, these text styles are saved as a separate file called a Cascading Style Sheet (.css), from which every page in the site will take their styles. Making small changes to the cascading style sheet will change the look of every page using that sheet. CSS is a very powerful way of controlling how your website will look. All the example sites on CSS Zen Garden website contain the same basic information, but look totally different through the changes to the CSS.

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