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How to3.5 Create master pages in WebPlus


To create a site from a template open Serif WebPlus and select Create Site from Template from the starting screen. You can then open up the Master Page and make changes. This is covered in more detail in the helpsheet How to use site templates.

Master pageFrom the Site tab, double click on the Page Master A to see all the common elements for every page. You can set up different site masters for different sections of the website. This website only uses one master for the entire site.

With the page master open, click on different elements – such as the page title, and change them. You should be able to edit text quite simply. Look at the other pages in the site and see how this change is copied across to all pages.

The colour scheme manager lets you choose a colour scheme from a wide selection of pre-designed colour schemes. As well as pre-designed colour schemes, you can make your own scheme. Different schemes will give your site a different feel and care should be taken to choose a scheme that best matches the message and purpose of your site. Select a scheme from the list to change the colour scheme across the whole site. When creating a master page, remember to consider the purpose of the site and its intended audience. Think about the colours that you will use and how they fit in with the intended message.

paperclip How to create your own template in WebPlus

paperclip How to use site templates

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