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To familiarize yourself with how templates work and to examine possible designs more closely before designing your own site, open Serif WebPlus and create a site from a template. Choose a ready-made Site templatestemplate such as Natural.

Take a look through the pages that are created automatically as part of the template. Which features stay the same on every page and which are different?

Use the sheet “How to use site templates” to guide you through this.

Open up the master page (A) and make changes to this. See how your changes are carried across to every other page in the site. Take screenshots to show how your pages have changed and save copies as evidence.

Also investigate colour schemes and text styles. Make changes to the colour scheme. How can this be used to quickly change the feel of the entire website? What colour scheme do you think would best fit the Smoothie World Website? Save screenshots of several different colour schemes and save copies as evidence.

Changing the color scheme can very quickly change the look of your whole site, as seen in these examples:

a range of different colour schemes

paperclip How to use site templates

Video Serif Video Tutorial : Getting Started

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