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how to3.7 Use and Format Text in WebPlus


Serif WebPlus makes it very easy to add blocks of text to your web page and move them around. To add text boxes use the HTML text frame tool and drag the text boxes onto the page. More creative text effects can be achieved using the Creative text tool. Type directly into these boxes to add your text, or you can cut and paste from other applications such as a word processor. Text boxes can be moved around the page and aligned with other page objects such as images or other text boxes.

page layout text and images

Highlight the text and use the text formatting toolbar to change the font and size of selected fonts. It’s best to not use a fancy font, stick to Arial/Helvetica or Times New Roman. Fonts are not embedded in the webpage, they have to be on the user’s computer. If you choose a really fancy font there is a chance they will not have that installed on their computer and so will not see it anyway.

You can set up text styles using the text styles palette. This will let you define a standard format for headings and body text.

Be sure to proofread your text: WebPlus comes with a spellchecker and a proofreading feature – make use of it!


The helpsheet How to use and format text will help you add and format text in WebPlus.

paperclipHow to use and format text

Video Insert text : demo : training

Video Add artistic text : demo : training

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