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how to3.8 Insert multimedia in WebPlus


In Serif WebPlus it is very simple to insert different multimedia components into your pages such as images, videos, animations and sound. Ensure that any images and media that you use are fit for purpose. Do they enhance the website and add to the message? Overloading a page with media can detract from the overall look and feel of the site.

To insert pictures. Click on the Picture icon on the side tool bar and choose Import Picture. Then select your image file and drag it onto your web page to the desired size.

This menu will also let you insert rollover images as well as entire photo galleries.

how to import a picturehow to insert media

To insert Multimedia elements such as sound and videos click on the Media icon on the side tool bar.

There are many different media file types you can choose from.

WebPlus also comes with a gallery of ready-made web graphics and clip art images which you can quickly add to your pages.

clip art   buttons

The helpsheets How to Insert Images and How to Insert Sound and Video will help you with adding different components to your pages.

paperclipHow to Insert Images

paperclipHow to Insert Sound and Video

Video Insert images, audio, video : demo : training

Video Serif Video Tutorial : Cutting Out Pictures

Video Serif Video Tutorial : Adding a Photo Gallery

Video Serif Video Tutorial : Using PhotoLab



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