Making a Multimedia Website

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3. Create Multimedia Webpages

In this section you are going to look at how to add multimedia content to a series of web pages using Serif WebPlus software.

  1.  css stylesWebsite structure
  2. How to set up an images folder in WebPlus
  3. Setting up a website folder
  4. House styles and master pages
  5. How to create master pages in WebPlus
  6. Site templates
  7. How to use and format text in WebPlus
  8. How to insert multimedia in WebPlus
  9. Images and Accessibility
  10. Looking at ALT text
  11. File optimisation
  12. Optimising files
  13. Laying out your page
  14. Skills
  15. Resources
  16. Assignment
  17. Curriculum Mapping


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