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Fact file4.3 Buttons, images and navigation bars

Any image on a web page can also have a hyperlink attached to it. Commonly, small graphics are used to create attractive buttons that can be clicked on to navigate around the site. These buttons can be aligned above or to the side of each other to create navigation bars.

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Buttons may sometimes just include text, but they give the designer greater control over the text style and font than does standard text. A button may also include a small icon to show what it does (such as an envelope to indicate an email hyperlink or a house to indicate a link back to the homepage.)

navigation bar

A very common feature of sites is that the main site logo links back to the homepage. This means that wherever the visitor is within the website, there is always a way of getting back to the homepage easily.

Many websites now contain banner advertisements that act as hyperlinks to the website they are promoting. These often use animated GIF images to catch the eye.

Visitors can tell that an image has a hyperlink because the mouse cursor changes shape, usually to a hand. A rollover effect can be added to the button so that it changes when the mouse passes over it. We will look at how to create these rollover buttons in section 5.

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