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With Serif WebPlus it is very simple to insert hyperlinks into your web pages. Any piece of text or an image can be turned into a hyperlink. Simply highlight the text with your mouse or click on the image you wish to use. You can choose the type of hyperlink you want to use; for example a page in your site, an external page, or an email link. This is covered in more detail in the How to insert hyperlinks helpsheet.

how to add a hyperlink

A hyperlink can be internal, pointing to another page within your website, or external, pointing to a page on another website. If you do link to an external site, it is good practice to warn the user that the link will take them outside your site, and that you cannot be held responsible for any content on that site.

paperclipHow to insert hyperlinks

Video Add hyperlinks : demo : training

Video Serif Video Tutorial : Hyperlinks & Anchors

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