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How to5.2 Create rollover images for WebPlus


Use graphics software such as Serif DrawPlus or Serif PhotoPlus to create a pair of images to be used as a rollover button. Produce a normal image first and save it as XXX_normal (where XXX is a name of your choice). Then change the image to create a rollover state. Keep the dimensions the same, but change some colours or embellish it in some way (drop shadows, glows etc). Save this as XXX_over.

Create a simple page in a web design package such as Serif WebPlus and insert these images into your page using the Insert Rollover feature. Preview your page and test that your rollover works.

normal staterollover state

paperclipHow to make a rollover image in WebPlus

paperclipHow to make a rollover buttons in DrawPlus

VideoAdd rollover images : demo : training

VideoRollover : Create three states : demo : training

Video Serif Video Tutorial : Creating Buttons

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