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Fact file6.1 Online Forms


The purpose of an online form is to allow interaction between visitors to a site and the web owner. One of the simplest types of form is a log in box where the visitor enters a username and password on a shopping website or a forum. Other forms can collect user information for processing.

Forms can have a variety of different uses, as in the examples below:

user sign up form amazon review
Forms are commonly used for registering a user’s details with a website such as this one from  – this data can then be stored on a database.

Forms can be used to provide user feedback. For example, this form from Amazon asks users to write reviews of books that they have read.

amazon search contact form

Forms can also be used for searching a website, whether a single text box (as in Google), or a more detailed search with multiple fields, like the one above from

Forms are also used to allow visitors to contact the owners of the website such as this one from

Having specific fields can help to make sure the user provides all necessary information to help with an enquiry.

Many social networking websites use forms to allow users to tell their friends what they are doing. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter make use of simple text boxes, such as the one below, to provide status updates or post comments.

facebook status update

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