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Online shopping is big business. It's possible to buy almost anything online from clothes, CDs and DVDs to cars, holidays and even houses. It's estimated that 37 million people shopped online in the UK in 2010, spending over £500 million a week. Roughly 10% of all purchases made were made online.

For many people, online shopping is more convenient. You don't have to walk from store to store and then look around each store to see if they have the item you want in stock. If you know what you want to buy it's much quicker to go to an online store, use the search tool to find your item and pay for it. The only delay is in waiting for it to be delivered. Other stores will let you reserve an item online, and then go to the store to collect it the same day.

Did you know? : The Amazon website now sells more electronic books than real books. These can be delivered instantly to a Kindle or other e-reader.

example of checkout

Online shopping baskets and online checkouts make use of different kinds of form to store the order details and customer information such as name, address and contact details.

Another form will collect and process payment details such as credit card information.

Serif WebPlus will let you add a shopping cart and other E-commerce features to your website via PayPal and other websites.

ecommerce with webplus

Video Serif Video Tutorial : Creating an Online Store

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