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Fact file6.2 Features of an online form


A form is the good way of getting user feedback about your website. Each piece of information is collected in a field. There are many different types of field that a form can use depending on the type of information that needs to be collected.

text field Text fields – the simplest format for short messages or search boxes
password field Password fields - display the text as a series of dots or asterisks for security
text area Text areas - for long pieces of text such as the main message in a forum or comment on a blog
option list Option lists - are drop down menus that can contain a long list of options to choose from
check box Check boxes – allow users to select multiple choices from a number of options.
radio button Radio buttons – restrict answers to a single choice from a number of options. These are usually grouped, so that selecting one will deselect the others. One button will usually be selected as the default choice.
buttons Buttons - are typically used for sending/submitting or resetting the form
captcha Captcha - many forms, especially comment forms on blogs, or email forms, employ different captcha systems to prevent automated spam bot programs from using them.

paperclipAnatomy of an online form

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