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How to6.7 Make an online form in WebPlus


While it is useful to be able to create an online form by adding the individual form elements to a page, Serif WebPlus has a Form Wizard that makes the process very simple.

Form Wizard

With the Form Wizard you can add each form field to the form, set up the properties for each field and change the order in which they are displayed. Once the form is set up, the wizard then creates the form on your webpage. Selecting the Form Wizard again will allow you to make changes. However, the form will not be useable until you preview your page in a web browser.

It is a good idea to do this from time to time to check that features such as drop down menus and radio buttons work correctly.

WebPlus form wizard

paperclipHow to make an online form in WebPlus

Video Create a form : demo : training

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