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Fact file7.4 Testing a site on the internet


Even if a website works well when running from your PC, it may not work as planned when it is uploaded to the web server on the internet. It is important to check that all the files are uploaded correctly and that all external links work. It is necessary to systematically work through the whole website after uploading to double-check that it works correctly.

404 errorErrors can occur if filenames include spaces or capital letters, which may not be picked up on a local test. On some web servers the files mainpage.htm and MainPage.htm are not the same, since capitals and lower case letters are treated as different things. This would not cause a problem when the files are hosted locally on a Windows PC, but they could be an issue when the page is live on the internet.

Test it on a different computer to the one you produced the website on - sometimes links to local files on your hard drive will still work fine for you, but will be broken for another user. Ask someone else to check that the site works for them.

The important things to test once the site is uploaded include:

It is also good to ask other people to test your website as well to see how easy they find it to navigate, having never seen the site before. The audience survey handout could help with this. It's best to get several people to test it out.

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