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Assignment7.7 Model assignment : Task 7

Test your website

What you must do

Read through the assignment scenario for the Smoothie World website again. You should now have completed your website for Smoothie World based on the specifications in the practice assignment. You will now test a number of different areas of your Smoothie World website using a test table. This will allow you to identify areas where the website needs to be improved

1. Open your website in an internet browser such as Internet Explorer. Check that all of the hyperlinks work as intended. Print a hard copy of each of your pages.

2. Produce your own test table to use when testing your website. You must check all the hyperlinks and navigation system and conduct at least 2 other tests from the following list:

3. Test your website in two different browsers. Suggest two or three changes you would make as a result of your tests. Your test table should indicate the actions required to solve any problems.

4. Where appropriate, for the tests carried out in step 2, provide annotated webpages, code or screenshot printouts, highlighting any before and after changes. If there are no problems with your website, this must be recorded as well.

5. Explain how your website meets its intended purpose and how it is suitable for its intended audience.


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