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curriculum7.8 Curriculum Mapping


B064 - Creative Use of ICT - Controlled Assessment                                                                       

2.4.4 Testing      


Subject Content

3.2.5 Word processing, dtp, web design and other presentation software       

Unit 2 Controlled Assessment : Assignment : Applying ICT



Edexcel Unit 2 – Using Digital Tools

Topic 4 – Evaluating Outcomes

2.4.1 Review outcomes

Topic 5 – Working efficiently and safely

2.5.3 Quality assure what they produce

Edexcel Unit 4 – Creating Digital Products

Topic 5 – Testing and Refinement

4.5.1 Carry out thorough and effective testing   

Topic 7 – Evaluating Outcomes  

4.7.1 Review outcomes

Topic 8 - Working Efficiently and Safely

4.8.3 Quality assure what they produce

OCR Cambridge Nationals

R005 : Creating an Interactive Product Using Multimedia Components

LO2 Be able to create interactive products containing multimedia components
LO3 be able to carry out usability testing

R007 : Create Dynamic Products Using Sound and Vision

LO2 : Be able to create dynamic products

OCR National Certificate in Information Technology

Unit 2 : Webpage Creation

AO6 : Test Website

At least four suitable tests. Areas to be tested:

Respond to any issues by making necessary changes. Highlight changes on pages by printing code view and/or screen shots, clearly identifying alterations made.

Key stage 3 programme of study for ICT

2.4a review, modify and evaluate work as it progresses, reflecting critically and using feedback
2.4b reflect on their own and others' uses of ICT to help them develop and improve their ideas and the quality of their work
2.4c reflect on what they have learnt and use these insights to improve future work

Range and content
3a use of a range of information, with different characteristics, structures and purposes, and evaluation of how it matches requirements and its fitness for purpose
3c use and review of the effectiveness of different ICT tools, including a range of software applications, in terms of meeting user needs and solving problems.

The Framework for ICT


4.1 Evaluating work

Functional skills : Level 1 functional skill standard

Develop, present and communicate information

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