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assignment8.11 Model Assignment : Task 8

Evaluate own website

What you must do

Look back at the assignment scenario for the Smoothie World website again. Now that you have created the website, the final task is to evaluate the website against the original brief and your own strengths and weaknesses.

smoothie world mockup small1. Evaluate the website you have created for Smoothie World. You should comment on the quality of the website in terms of these criteria and support each comment with an example from your site:

The Website evaluation form can be used as a guide.

2. Use the Feedback and Review document to ask users of your website for their thoughts about your website, which will help your self-assessment.

3. Consider carefully how you planned and carried out the development of the Smoothie World website. Give some examples of your own strengths and weaknesses during the project. Suggest areas for improvement.

You should present your evaluation as a word processed report and include screenshots where appropriate to illustrate the various points that you wish to make.

paperclipFeedback and Review

paperclipWebsite evaluation form

paperclipFinal Review

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