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factfile8.2 Suitability


Every website has a target audience, usually a particular age range or group of people such as primary school children, teenage girls, mothers, football fans, or business managers.

targetsIt is important that the website is designed with the target audience in mind. The language used, the feel of the graphics and the use of multimedia should all reflect the needs of the audience.

For example, a website aimed at teenagers should avoid feeling too “babyish”, but the same design may work very well on a website aimed at 4 – 6 year olds.

A website aimed at adults can get away with using fewer photographs than one aimed at teenagers, as large blocks of unbroken text can be intimidating for a younger age group.

You should evaluate your website with your target audience in mind. Do you use too many technical terms that the readers may not understand? Does it feel like a serious or a fun website?

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