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factfile8.4 Readability


Readability depends on how easy a page of text is to understand. There are various factors that will affect how readable a piece of text is like language or vocabulary, layout, font, background colour.

The language used is very important. Does the page use lots of complex technical terms that only an expert will understand? Are the sentences long and complicated?

Some websites such as can provide you with tools to analyse the readability of your web pages against different criteria.

The way the text is presented will also make a big difference to how readable it is, including the choice of typeface, text size, layout and colour schemes.

Fonts such as Arial are more readable than script fonts such as Handscript. For this reason most web designers tend to use clearer fonts such as Arial for the body text of a website and may reserve fancier fonts for logos.

different types of font

The combination of text and background colour is also very important to making text clear and easy to read. Take a look at the image below. Which combinations are easy to read and which are difficult? .

Text colours


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