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Many artists using the internet are happy to share their work and allow people to copy, re-use and even adapt original pieces of media. An organisation has grown around this trend which makes it easier for people to identify work that they can use safely. This system is called Creative Commons.

Creative Commons is a new kind of licence that lets the creator of digital resources publicise how they would like their resources to be used and how you can legally use them. For more on Creative Commons visit

There are four categories of Creative Commons licence that the resource creator can
choose from. They can select one or all of the following conditions:

creative commons licences

If you plan to use multimedia resources taken from the internet in your work, you must make sure that they are copyright-free, have an appropriate creative commons licence or you must seek permission from the copyright owner – most websites have copyright information that you should check to see who to contact.

Some photo and video sharing websites, such as Flickr allow users to add creative commons licenses to the media that they share online. It is possible to search these sites to find Creative Commons media that you can use. You will need to check if you can access Flickr in your school. Some schools block access to it.

creative commons licence

Sites such as CompFight and FlickrStorm allow you to search Flickr to find Creative Commons images that you can use in your projects. However, you will still need to attribute the original source of these images if you use them.

Some Creative Commons music sites include Jamendo, CC Mixter and, for sound effects try Free Sound.

Some education authorities run galleries of multimedia materials that are free to use for educational purposes in order that students and teachers do not run into copyright problems e.g.E2BN.

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