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assignmentModel Assignment : Task 6

Create a user form for capturing customer feedback

What you must do

Read through the assignment brief for the Smoothie World website again. You have already produced a series of pages for the Smoothie World website and hyperlinked them together. The owners of Smoothie World would like to have a Customer Feedback page on the website where they can ask visitors what they think about the website and whether there are any areas for improvement. They would also like to find out what their favourite flavour smoothie is. Your next task is to create that form.

1. The form should ask for the visitors’ opinions about:

2. Plan the form on paper before you begin. Use the helpsheet Making an online form to guide you through the process of creating your form.

3. Use a range of different form elements such as text fields, radio buttons, check boxes and drop down menus and lay these elements out neatly with a table. The form should contain a submit button with code that will email the responses to an email address should the site be hosted online.

4. Make sure you test your form by giving it to several different people to try out. The form could be tested easily by printing it out and asking people to complete it with a pen. You could use the Feedback and review sheet from Section 8 to help gather their opinions about your form. Take into account their comments and modify the form accordingly to make it easier to use. Save copies of your form before and after any modifications are made.


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