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assignmentModel Assignment : Smoothie World

This is a guided trial assignment that will help you to prepare for the real thing.

The Task:

smoothieYou have been asked to design and create a multimedia website for Smoothie World.

Smoothie World is a new, locally based chain of cafés that sells a wide range of healthy organic smoothies and wraps. They currently have 3 smoothie bars but have plans to become a large national franchise in the future. Smoothie World prides itself on its use of organic fruit and vegetables in its smoothies. It also supports the campaign to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day as part of a healthy diet.

What is the business?

A smoothie bar is a café that specializes in selling fruit smoothie drinks. They are similar to coffee shops in that tables are provided to eat-in but a lot of customers buy the products to take away and eat elsewhere. Each Smoothie World smoothie bar has a bright, fun, modern feel and they would like the website to reflect this, as well as the freshness of their products.

What is a smoothie?

A smoothie is a blended drink made from natural ingredients, usually fruits and juices, but sometimes other flavours such as chocolate. They are similar to milkshakes but they usually do not contain milk or ice cream, although they sometimes do include yoghurt. Smoothies are marketed to health-conscious people, and are often made with vitamin and nutritional supplements. Smoothie World always uses fresh organically grown fruit and vegetables and they do not use any artificial flavours or colourings in their drinks.

What is a wrap?

A wrap is a snack made from sandwich fillings wrapped in a flour tortilla. They make a tasty alternative to sandwiches and the tortilla is lower in carbohydrate than bread. The most popular wraps contain chicken, but many different meats and fillings can be used. Typical toppings include lettuce, tomato, peppers, bacon and grated cheese.


The Website Design

Smoothie World wants their website to perform the following functions:

You will be required to plan/design the website before you create it.

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