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factfile1.16 Promotional Videos


Music videos may have begun as simple promos' or promotional videos that were distributed as a marketing tool, but they have since developed into a major creative industry and autonomous art form, far more sophisticated than their origins as mere sales gimmicks.

Promo videoThe term 'promotional video' or 'promo' is now more usually associated with the type of video that commercial companies commission to give training to employees, or to gain exposure for a new product or service i.e. to 'promote' and increase sales, as the name of the genre makes explicit.

Other types of promotional video may serve a more altruistic purpose and aim to educate, inform, give instructions, or raise awareness about a public health, health and safety or social issue.

Although superficially they may resemble adverts, promos are often longer and more instructive and factual. They are also crucially, more often than not, low budget in comparison with commercials shown on national TV. However, music videos are also often called 'promos' because they are short.

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