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activity1.17 Case study : Do the test


'Do the test' is an example of a typically low budget promotional video, but one that has had a huge
impact and phenomenal success. Made by WCRS, a London based communications and advertising
agency, and directed by Chris Palmer, the 30-second video was first launched in 2008. In just three
months over 3.7 million people had viewed it, making it one of the top campaigns of the year. It was
successfully re-launched in 2009.

It's a prime example of how the concept can be a more influential factor in a video's success than hi-tech effects, celebrity actors and big budget production values.

View the 'Do the test' video making a note of the total number of passes that the team
in white make. Then in small groups discuss the five questions that follow:

pin Do the test - answers

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