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factfile1.18 Reviewing Promotional Videos


Write a review of a promotional video that your teacher has selected, that you have found yourself or choose from the suggestions below.

Madrid PromoFirst identify the purpose of the video and its target audience. Think about the film conventions, techniques and effects that
are used, the soundtrack, the script and titles.
Evaluate how well they meet the needs of their
purpose and audience. What's the tag line?

What's the 'call to action'? How long did the clip take to download? How good was the picture quality? How good was the sound quality? Is this a problem? Add some constructive ideas on how to improve the video to better fit audience and purpose. Include a still from the video if you can, but don't forget to credit your sources in your sources log.

Save your review as evidence.

The 'Promo video review' prompt sheet will help you get started.



Public health campaigns


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