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The majority of clips that you have viewed in this section have been accessed online, although they may also exist in other formats such as on tape, CD or DVD. However, viral video is a fairly new online
phenomenon that advertisers are just starting to exploit commercially, as with the advance publicity for the Sony Bravia 'Paint' advert referred to earlier and the success of the 'Do the test' campaign. Advertisers describe it as "word-of-mouth marketing".

The term 'viral video' refers to video clips that become popular through sharing on the internet - by email, through blogs, instant messaging and media sharing sites. Video-sharing sites like Vimeo and, of course, YouTube are hugely popular with both amateur and professional film makers.

Did You Know? One of the most popular video clips on YouTube "Charlie bit my finger" has been viewed over 397 million times since it was uploaded in May 2007. It is believed to have earned its creator, Howard Davies-Carr over £100,000 from banner adverts on the YouTube page..

Human Space Invaders

This stop-motion video homage to the retro Space Invaders video game by Guillaume Reymond has received wide viral coverage. The clip uses stopframe animation, ably demonstrating how imagination and ingenuity are more essential ingredients to becoming an online hit than a big budget and star cast.

The animation is made up of 390 stills taken during a period of 4 hours of 67 people wearing coloured t-shirts changing seats in a cinema auditorium to appropriate sound effects.

The Exploding Diet Coke-Mentos Experiments

The exploding Diet Coke and Mentos Mints viral videos are a well-publicised example of a multinational company recognising the marketing potential of amateur or independent viral video. After initially distancing themselves from the project, Coca-Cola ended by signing a formal deal with Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz, originators of the videos, appreciating that viral video could be utilized as a viable and cheap method of testing marketing ideas and reaching new markets.

View the experiments on Grobe and Voltz's Eepybird website:

Old Spice

Old Spice is a brand of aftershave and toiletries for men. The brand has been around since the late 1930's and was becoming seen as a bit old-fashioned compared to newer, trendier brands. The company wanted to move away from this image, and taget women, who often bought aftershave for husbands and boyfriends. They came up with a viral video campaign featuring NFL star Isaiah Mustafa as "the man your man can smell like" answering questions posted by Facebook and Twitter users.

The videos became a viral sensation and is one of the fastest growing online viral video campaigns ever. Sharing via social media sites gave it 6.7 million views after just 24 hours and over 40 million views in its first week. It has led to many video homages such as the Smell Like a Monster video. In the six months since the campaign launched sales of Old Spice Bodywash went up by 27%.

Did you know? Over 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, thats an hour of video every second! Over 4 billion YouTube movies are viewed every single day around the world. (source)

Not every video goes viral because it's good. The music video "Friday" by Rebecca Black was shared around the world by users of social media mainly because it was so bad. It became the video that everyone was talking about, at least for a few days, until something new came along. The clip has been viewed 11 million times in its first 4 months.

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