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factfile1.3 From Viewer to Maker


As a 21st century viewer and consumer you will be familiar with many types of time-based, moving image media other than film, since new technologies - including TV, DVD's, video-on-demand, web-based multimedia, computer gaming and animation - have reduced the dominance of the cinema. These are generally, though not always, passive activities because you 'consume' rather than 'create' the medium.

To make a successful transition from sofa to director's chair, from audience to crew, from viewer to maker, you must first learn how to 'read' and evaluate different movie formats. What you learn will shape your own project for this unit.

Can you explain what the distinct characteristics of TV commercials, movie trailers, music videos and
promotional videos are? How do they differ in format? Can you identify the intended audience for a
video clip? What is its purpose? You may get the message, but can you explain the techniques the
director used to get it across? Do you think it is a winner or not and can you say why?

The exercises in this section will help you structure and plan your own video and your reviews of existing video clips.

They cover five different video clip formats:

Keeping in mind the model assignment scenario and brief you follow for assessment, choose the formats that will best serve as models for your own movie-making and follow the activities for those.

Directors Chair

Teachers note: Depending on the exam board specifications, candidates most probably will not have to write reviews for all five categories of video format (TV adverts, movie trailers, music videos, promotional videos and online media clips). They may be expected to review at least two different video clips, which could be from any category.

However, this scheme of work provides fact files and covers activities for all five types so that you can select which are best suited to your students' interests and needs.

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