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factfile1.4 Folder Tree


If you want to stay organized, keep a cool head and gain higher grades, it is absolutely essential when making video to set up a logical folder structure to store all the assets you will need for your project, including your planning and preparation, reviews, source footage, video clips, still images, audio and other assets.

FolderManaging files efficiently helps improve workflow too because you can locate exactly what you want when you need it and don't waste time.

You should agree file-naming protocols with your ICT teacher and keep to them.

You must also make regular backup copies of your work. Talk to your teacher about the best way to do this because every large organization like a school, college or commercial company has to follow clear protocols about file saving and backup to protect its network from viruses and other attacks.

You may be allowed to save regular copies of your work to a USB stick or CD/DVD. Failing to make regular backups can have disastrous consequences.

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