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activity1.7 Case study - Sony Bravia Paint advert

The Sony Bravia series of award-winning TV commercials for their "next generation" LCD TV sets with the"Colour. Like no other" tagline message have gained iconic status. The spectacular "Paint" advert was the second in the series. Read about the advert below and watch a behind-the-scenes video here to see how"Paint" was made.

Sony Bravia Advert

Sony Bravia's spectacular TV ad by award-winning director Jonathan Glazer launched in October 2006 after a successful viral advertising campaign. It featured massive paint explosions in a reverse demolition, as a disused high-rise block went up in a cascade of all colours of the spectrum.

Glazer's credits as a director include music videos for bands such as Jamiroquai, Massive Attack and Radiohead, but this 60-second advert, which cost £1m to film, uses classical music (Rossini's Thieving Magpie) to achieve its powerful orchestrated mix of audio and visuals.

Following the success of their "Balls" advert, which was shot in San Francisco, the advertisers took advantage of new viral marketing techniques to promote the "Paint" follow up, creating a sense of excited anticipation for some months before its launch. Snippets of information and photographs were released on a regular basis, as members of the public who witnessed the filming uploaded their own photographs to the photo-sharing site Flickr and their own videos to YouTube, while blog entries galore discussed its release.

Watch and discuss

Watch the advert through again. Do you think the purpose of the advert is just to sell more television sets for Sony? Might there be another reason for spending £1m on 60-seconds of film? Has Sony's brand identity been enhanced or strengthened by this series of adverts? What do you think they say about the company? Discuss this question and others on the "TV advert" prompt sheet in groups as initial preparation for writing reviews later.

Read and evaluate

Now read a short review of the advert and identify positive and negative terms used in the discussion
prompt sheet. Do you agree with the good and not so good features listed? How would you answer
the final questions?

pinSony Bravia advert - discussion prompts

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