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activity1.9 TV Advert Review


View a TV advert that you think is memorable. Play it through, and then play it again with the sound turned off. Do you still get the message? Play it a third time just listening to the sound without the pictures.

What kind of soundtrack is used – music, voiceover, natural sound? What does the audio add to the visuals? Does it create a mood or explain the advantages of the product? Does it make a contrast, change the meaning, or make the "call to action" explicit?

Use the pause button to examine the commercial shot by shot: how many scenes does it have; what types of shot are used; what transitions are used between shots; are any special effects employed?

What is the total running time (note that versions of the same advert are often edited to run for shorter or longer time slots)? Why do you think the advert is successful and is what would you change or add to improve it?

advert words

Write a short review of your chosen advert in about 200 - 500 words. You can include a screenshot or image if you wish, but don't forget to name your sources and add them to your sources log.

The questions in the 'TV advert' discussion prompt sheet and the 'Advert review' worksheet that you used previously will help you write the review.

Save your review to your "reviews" folder.

pin Video sources log - blank template

pin TV advert review – prompt sheet

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