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1. Review Existing Clips

Although we may think of cinema as a modern invention, the history of motion pictures goes back almost 150 years to the early days of photography. Today we are surrounded by video on television, cinema and portable devices.

In this section you will learn about the history of moving pictures and also look at some of the main ways in which video is used.

  1. filmA brief history of pictures in motion
  2. Moving image research
  3. From viewer to maker
  4. Folder tree
  5. Folder tree structure
  6. TV Adverts
  7. Case study - Sony Bravia Paint advert
  8. The language of film
  9. Tricks of the Trade - techniques and glossary
  10. TV advert review
  11. Movie trailers in focus
  12. Movie trailers
  13. About music videos
  14. Hit or miss?
  15. Write a music video review
  16. Promotional videos
  17. Case study: "Do the test"
  18. Reviewing promotional videos
  19. Online media clip
  20. Reviewing online media clips
  21. Skills
  22. Resources
  23. Model assignment
  24. Curriculum mapping


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