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factfile2.1 Movie Making: Pre-production


There are three main stages to making a video: pre-production, production and post-production. You are in the pre-production or planning stage at present. Production is the shoot itself and post-production is the editing phase.

skateboardAs director you will have absolute artistic control of the movie and take responsibility for its creative visualisation.

Through undertaking the activities in section 1, you will have already acquired a sound understanding of the distinguishing features of different types or genres of video and the techniques filmmakers use to get their story or message across.

You are now ready to apply this knowledge to planning your own movie. Careful planning is not only fundamental to the success of your video for the examination assignment, but to the success of any film - from Hollywood blockbuster to home movie.

Planning usually involves initial brainstorming, writing a proposal and treatment or outline, storyboarding, scripting any dialogue or commentary, and organising a location, technical equipment and props. You may also need to find or create additional source assets such as still images, sound effects, animations or existing video clips.


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