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curriculum mapping2.13 Curriculum Mapping


B064 - Creative Use of ICT - Controlled Assessment                                                                       

2.4.1 Analysis
2.4.2 Design       


Subject Content

3.2.5 Word processing, dtp, web design and other presentation software       

Unit 2 Controlled Assessment : Assignment : Applying ICT

Analysis, Design.   


Edexcel Unit 2 – Using Digital Tools

Topic 3 – Digital Publishing

2.3.1 Design Digital products which are fit for purpose and audience  

Edexcel Unit 4 – Creating Digital Products

Topic 2 – Proposal

4.2.1 Produce a proposal   

OCR Cambridge Nationals

R007 : Create Dynamic Products Using Sound and Vision

LO1 : Be able to prepare for the production of dynamic products
LO2 : Be able to create dynamic products

OCR National Certificate in Information Technology

Unit 23 : Creating Video

AO2: Design a video clip

Produce design documentation eg:

Key stage 3 programme of study for ICT

Exploring ideas and manipulating information
1.3a Solving problems creatively by using ICT to explore ideas and try alternatives

Finding information
2.1a consider systematically the information needed to solve a problem, complete a task or answer a question, and explore how it will be used

Developing ideas
2.2a select and use ICT tools and techniques appropriately, safely and efficiently
2.2b solve problems by developing, exploring and structuring information, and deriving new information for a particular purpose

The Framework for ICT

Developing ideas
2.1 Analysing and automating processes
identify the key elements of a problem and represent components in a plan

Communicating information
3.1 Fitness for purpose
- plan communication projects and select the appropriate communication (type, length, media) for the intended audience (considering audience needs and expectations), purpose and environment
- reflect on the work of others to help plan and amend their communications and understand how effective presentations or publications address specific audience needs and expectations

Functional skills:

Level 1 functional skill standard
Use ICT systems
- Interact with and use ICT systems independently to meet needs
- Use ICT to plan work and evaluate their use of ICT systems

Find and select information
- Select and use a variety of sources of information independently to meet needs
- Access, search for, select and use ICT-based information and evaluate its fitness for purpose


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