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activity2.3 Writing a video treatment


Before designing your storyboard, some of you may want to work out your proposal in a little more detail by writing a short 'treatment'. Your storyboard will help you visualise each scene. A treatment, on the other hand, gives a synopsis of the main story events, but also explains the concept behind your thinking and describes the proposed style. Treatments are widely used in the film industry as a sales pitch when fundraising for a movie project.

Ask yourself: has your story got a beginning, middle and end? A good story has a "hook" or interesting angle and a key question that will be answered by the end (like 'Who dunnit?' if it's a cop drama). Is there tension, drama or suspense? Will viewers want to watch to the end to find out what happens, or will they want to go off and make a cup of tea in the middle?

Re-open your video proposal and add this more detailed information for higher grades. Save the file as evidence.


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